posted on 8.3.09 this is not a mac v. pc post


It is just about stupid kids thinking they know everything.

My daughter bought a Macbook Pro a few weeks ago. She has a friend who is an Apple genius who talks all his friends into buying macs, which is fine. My daughter is into film editing and all that and loves what she can do with her notebook and it seems like money well spent for her.

But last night her friend J comes over and he tells me he just bought a notebook too and how we’re “stupid” to still have PCs and how we “need” to have macs and he doesn’t know how he lived without one and, basically we must know shit about computers if we are still using PCs.  I refrained from saying things like “I’ve been using computers since before you were born you stupid little shit” or “Ok, Todd’s a computer engineer but knows shit about them, you jackass” or anything of that sort.

He then says “Don’t  you get a million viruses on your computer?”

No. No I don’t get a million viruses. I haven’t had a virus since I last used AOL which was in 1999.

“Don’t you get the blue screen of death?”

The last time I saw that one I was running a 486 processor.

“You have no idea how fast my notebook is. I bet it’s faster than your PC.”

You Macbook is a dual core. My PC is a quad core.

“J,” I said, “maybe the reason you got viruses and your PCs were always slow or broke has less to do with it being a PC and more to do with you downloading P2P programs filled with malware or opening executable files in your email when you have no idea who they are from or clicking “yes, yes, yes” when installing a program without having any idea what you are saying yes to. Maybe - just maybe - your problems are user induced and have little do with whether you are using a PC or a Mac.”

“But you can do anything to Macs and they don’t break and they don’t get viruses or slow down.”

I ended the conversation instead of telling him there is no company that has made an idiot proof computer. Let him figure that one out on his own.

Stupid kids.

Next thing he’ll be telling me he knows what real punk rock is.

*high-fives inthefade*

posted on 8.2.09
Apple makes computers and software whereas Microsoft only makes software (concerning PC stuff). I always wonder why those “Mac Vs. PC” ads forget to mention this.


Apple makes computers and software whereas Microsoft only makes software (concerning PC stuff). I always wonder why those “Mac Vs. PC” ads forget to mention this.
posted on 4.28.09 Microsoft are incompetent and failing at every level


My xbox E74’d

There was No free repair even though it was their attempts at cutting costs and selling a lower quality, rushed product to the consumer that caused it.

Couldn’t pay for the repair in the UK without a credit card. Ended up buying a new one

All sorts of fucking up with tranferring data

Finally make E74 free repair support possibly the worse I hav ever used

Phone system illogical, annoying as fuck and when it isn;t broken the muppet on the other end is useless.

The first attempt to email me a shipping lable just failed. How the fuck did Microsoft manage to fail at that?

Second attempt worked, but UPS didn’t turn up on either of the days they were ment to.

Holey crap, what a lot of fail. But, Ms wont fix their shit because they don’t seem to notice the sinking consumr confidence. Fuck you Microsoft. Stop counting the money you steal from children and sort your fucking shit out.

Wardrox just admitted he’s a child!

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posted on 1.7.09 Microsoft’s CES keynote is relatively boring…

…so far. We’re almost a half hour in. Pick up the pace, Ballmer!